Doctor Mollie Fry has written a book “I’ll Take The Rocks”, soon to be released! Following is a quote from that book:

“The history of humankind has been characterized by a conflict between individuals and big government. Political and economic forces often suppress the greater moral good. In this instance there has been a systematic attempt to suppress knowledge and understanding of cannabis as medicine. I am but one voice, but throughout the country the people are discovering the therapeutic value in cannabis used as medicine. Medicine that treats our children, our seniors and our personal illnesses. Medicine that is nontoxic, unlike the pharmaceutical preparations that rarely treat the disease but only the symptoms, and have numerous side effects. Marijuana is a medicine produced by God for his people.”

In this book Dr. Mollie Fry describes her journey from being labeled “retarded” in school because she is dyslexic and relies on hearing to learn, to obtaining a medical degree and practicing as a family physician, to contracting breast cancer and being saved from death by divine intervention, to her incarceration for 5 years for growing marijuana for her patients, and her work after her release in 2015.

Dr. Fry’s mission is to oppose the Government’s suppression of scientific research into the benefits of cannabis. The Government uses the ban on cannabis to fuel the “War on Drugs” and deny the American people access to a drug that is not controlled by “Big Pharma.” This book is the continuation of that mission.